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Brad is a registered and accredited designer and installer. When installation is carrier out to create SRES, only a registered installer and designer can sign off on the installation.

SRES stands for small scale renewable Energy Scheme. The scheme provides the customer financial benefits to purchase solar systems. Depending on the size of the system on your roof, determines the amount of SRES you create.

  • Privately sell your SRERS to the STC clearing house, which may take months, require additional paperwork all to be done by the customer and a few additional fees can occur. This option will give you the maximum rebate of $40 per SRES. You will have to pay the installer the full price of the system.
  • Simply sign the SRES over at the point of sale upon installation at market value which will be quoted by the installer at installation.

The amount is determined by the electricity produced over a period. Factors include the systems size and ongoing use for a period of 15 years. Brad will quote on the SRES that you will receive with the system purchased. Different size units provide difference amounts of SRES.

Yes you can, when installed the inverter will have a digital printout showing how much power has been produced for the day.

In increase the installation of solar the government has created solar credits, from now till the 30th June 2011 all SRES created will be multiplied by 5. E.g.  If your system creates 30 SRES that figure will be multiplied by 5 to create 150 SRES.

This multiplier of 5 will reduce to 4 between July 1st 2011 to 30th June 2012. Each year after will drop by 1 until it is 1-1.  (Information sources from ORER).